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War for the Oaks - Session Twenty-five

This session was played on March 29, 2008.

The Wyld Hunters come to the Horn's Blood for help; there have been a series of cattle mutilations at some of the local farms. The Hunters suspect a lost cub is feeding on the cows, and ask the Horn's Blood to help them reconnoiter around the high school and college.

The Horn's Blood talk to their contacts; Shadows learns from his sister that one of her friends from the high school, Monica Carlin, has been acting strangely.

Meanwhile, Sees-Beyond-Boundaries, Guards-the-Kin and Night's-Daughter sneak into Dr. Hoffman's office in an attempt to locate the possible lost cub. No information of note can be found there, but they have better luck in Dr. Cecily Beauchamp's office. There, Sees is able to hack into the secretary's computer and discover that Monica Carlin is a patient of Dr. Beauchamp's. Additionally, she discovers that Dr. Beauchamp has information on numerous Kin in town.

When the pack reconvenes, they exchange information about Monica; Shadows reveals that Norah has disclosed that Monica was not at school that day. Concerned, Charges sends Guards-the-Kin, Night's-Daughter and Shadows to visit the Carlin home on the pretext of delivering Monica's homework. The three are greeted by Monica's distraught mother, who reveals that her daughter has been admitted to Ironwood Hospital, a facility for troubled teenagers, on the advice of the family physician, Dr. Beauchamp.

After delivering this information to the rest of the pack, the Horn's Blood reconvene with the Wyld Hunters, and the two packs decide to investigate Ironwood Hospital and see what needs to be done.

When they arrive, they discover that the penumbral reflection of Ironwood is covered with a coat of glistening slime, and the place reeks of the scent of the Wyrm. Knowing that time is of the essence, Charges and Aidan Holds-Back-the-Dark quickly come up with a plan of attack.

Ciara Fireheart uses the Call of the Wyrm to draw out some of the enemy; while the Wyld Hunters engage the enemies attracted by the Call, the Horn's Blood sneaks into the building. They emerge into a sea of poison gas elementals. As they enter the physical world, they discover that the corridor is full of knockout gas. Guards-the-Kin uses Jam Technology, and they manage to escape, only to run into a group of armed fomor security guards. After a fierce battle, they manage to defeat their foes. Charges hurries to the nurses' station, where he discovers a bank of monitors - as well as a Black Spiral in one of the rooms!

Charges summons the rest of the pack to the room. Followed by the Wyld Hunters, they hurry to the room, battling foes and rescuing other unfortunates along the way, only to arrive too late - they witness the gruesome spectacle of the Spiral standing over the gutted corpse of a young woman, her bloody heart resting in the Crinos werewolf's huge paw. Sees and Guards the Kin try to save the unfortunate young woman, but they are too late. Arriving at the scene in time to witness the grotesque spectacle, Eric Traitorsbane bursts out with a name and then goes into frenzy, attacking the Spiral on the spot.

The packs manage to escape from Ironwood with the other patients in tow, but the victory is made bittersweet by the knowledge that Monica was the young woman killed by the Spiral, and that the Spiral was a former packmate of Traitorsbane's. Sobered by this turn of events, the Horn's Blood mourn the loss of a warrior of Gaia before she had even had a chance to join the fight.

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