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War for the Oaks - Session Thirty-seven

This session was played on October 4, 2008.

On an evening in late September, Charges-the-Dark, Sees-Beyond-Boundaries, Attacks-from-Shadows and Messenger-of-Gaia are alerted to a report on the local evening news by Jean-Claude. Charges tunes in just in time to watch most of a report about a "wild animal attack" at Aileen E. Miles Memorial Middle School.

Justifiably concerned, the Horn's Blood and Messenger-of-Gaia hurry to the Sept of the Three Old Oaks, where they rendezvous with Guards-the-Kin and Night's-Daughter. The Horn's Blood and Messenger-of-Gaia learn from Aidan Holds-Back-the-Dark that the incident happened in the girls' locker room at Aileen E. Miles, and that three girls and their gym teacher have been hospitalized, three are missing, and one died en route to St. Luke's. The sept believes the event to be a young Garou's Firsting; the Horn's-Blood volunteers to go after two of the missing girls - Eva Georgescu and Brigitte Keller.

The Rite of the Questing Stone leads the group to an isolated lab in Binghampton, New York with the logo of Helix Biotechnologies prominently displayed. Guards and Night's-Daughter use Jam Technology and Open Seal (respectively) to get the group through the outer gate, and some fast talking (aided by Persuasion) by Charges gets them through the next one manned by a security guard.

Masquerading as a "delivery of research animals (Guards and Night's-Daughter in lupus form) for Dr. Misra," the group follows the Questing Stone, only to discover that the Stone seems to be pointing outside the building. As they prepare to act on their discovery, however, they are discovered by an Indian man in a lab coat, who asks their business.

When informed of the ruse, the man reveals himself to be Dr. Misra, and asserts that he has not requested any research animals. Guards-the-Kin jams Misra's cell phone; frustrated, Misra argues with both Charges and the receptionist before leading the group to one of the labs. As he starts to unlock an animal cage, Attacks-from-Shadows assumes Crinos form and punches him in the back of the head. Much to the Garou's surprise, the damage heals almost instantly, and then Misra lets loose with a blast of electricity.

After a fierce battle in which Messenger-of-Gaia gains a Battle Scar and Misra exhibits other strange powers, the Garou manage to dismember Misra and stuff his corpse into the animal cage, with Shadows taking Misra's severed head. The Garou leave the lab, following the Questing Stone as they resume their search for the missing girls.....

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