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War for the Oaks - Session Thirty-eight

This session was played on October 18, 2008.

The Horn's Blood and Messenger-of-Gaia continue to follow the Questing Stones, which lead them to the David Gaidaz Continuous Care Institute outside Binghampton. Pulling into the parking lot, they discover a central building with two smaller ones on either side. The Questing Stones indicate that Eva Georgescu is somewhere in the smaller building on the left, and Brigitte Keller somewhere in the one on the right. Attacks-from-Shadows detects the scent of the Wyrm around the building on the right, so the Garou split up, with Charges and Sees going after Eva and the rest of the group going after Brigitte.

Night's-Daughter tries to use Open Seal to open the building's outer door, but fails. The Garou force their way in, with Guards-the-Kin using Jam Technology to foil the alarm system. Once inside, the group encounters a pink-uniformed nurse/receptionist, who asks their business. Shadows uses the Horn's Blood's totem link to inform his packmates that the scent of the Wyrm is present. Guards uses his Animal Attraction to distract her while Messenger deciphers the computerized combination lock to the non-public area of the building.

Meanwhile, Charges and Sees try to discover a stealthier route into their building, but are discovered by a security guard with a guard dog. Thinking quickly, Charges uses Persuasion to calm the guard and Beast Speech to strike a deal with the dog to not reveal the presence in exchange for a new home with the Garou and the chance to hunt rabbits in the country. The dog agrees, and Sees knocks the guard unconscious, after which the Garou bear his limp form to the building's front door, where they are met by a concerned nurse/receptionist, who nearly calls "Dr. Bachman," save for some fast talking by Charges. Sees strikes the woman in the back of the head, but her target is unable to bear her Glabro-form blows unscathed; the woman collapses over the guard's limp form, blood streaming from her nostrils. Extracting a promise from Charges to allow her to heal the woman on the way out, Sees attempts to open her and Charges's combination lock, using the sequence discovered by her allies in the other building (passed to her by Shadows via the totem link), but the door remains locked. Sees tries a number of other combinations of the numbers passed on to her, and finally the door opens - to reveal three armored guards, armed with rifles, who open fire. The Garou give battle and defeat their assailants, though Sees is wounded by a silver knife carried by one of the guards. As the guards are defeated, Charges and Sees discover themselves feeling woozy; Charges uses his Resist Toxin Gift to nullify the drug, but Sees is not so lucky and loses consciousness, reverting to Homid form in the process. Charges sends out a call for aid over the totem link.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Garou (less Guards, who is otherwise occupied) enter a hallway lined with identical rooms. The Questing Stone leads them to Room 40. Messenger-of-Gaia opens the computerized combination lock, revealing Brigitte lying insensible in a hospital bed with various medical paraphernalia connected to her. Shadows detects the scent of the Wyrm in the room, so the Garou concentrate on getting Brigitte out of there quickly. Just then, Charges's call for aid comes over the totem link, and Shadows races to help his packmates.

After Sees is healed, Charges, Sees and Shadows makes their way down the hall to Eva's room, where they see a blonde woman in a white coat bending over the unconscious Eva on the bed. Charges and Shadows break down the door, and the startled doctor turns; to their astonishment and fury, the Garou recognize her as Dr. Cecily Beauchamp. Enraged, Charges and Shadows attack; moments later, Dr. Beauchamp's savaged body lies in a pool of blood on the floor. After freeing Eva, the Garou seize the computer from the reception desk (while passing along a message with the totem link to the comrades in the other building to do the same) and Sees heals the injured nurse. Reviving, the woman lashes out at Sees, but relents after the Child of Gaia advises her not to resist or detain them.

The pack returns to the sept with the two girls and the guard dog in tow. At the sept, the girls are revealed to be Garou, and preparations are made for their training while the Horn's Blood retires for some well-deserved rest.

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