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Interesting Times - Session Twenty-nine

This session was played on November 20, 2010.

Returning home from their last adventure, the Band is surprised by a white-bearded man in a car parked in front of their house. Addressing Rowan, he intones, "Come with me, my son – there is an urgent mission which only you and I can complete." Recognizing the man as his divine father, Rowan gets into the car and then it disappears into the distance.

After some well-earned rest, the Band prepares the house for their annual Halloween party. For a time, they enjoy themselves in the company of friends old and new, but suddenly the party is interrupted by a group of Chinese demons, who demand, "Give us Elizabeth Savidge or everyone dies!" The monsters then emphasize their point by amplifying the flames from the citronella torches set up outside the front of the house to set some trick-or-treaters aflame.

The Band gives battle, eventually defeating the Titanspawn. As they tend to the wounded, a young woman in a French maid outfit introduces herself as Liz Savidge, and, distraught by the events she has witnessed, demands to know what is going on. Feeling the jian the band rescued from Tir na Marbh growing warm, Mercedes deduces that Liz must be the Scion of Nezha for whom the blade is intended, and presents it to the younger woman with an explanation of what it means to be a Scion. Liz accepts the sword, but is still somewhat overwhelmed by the events of the day, and asks to go home because she needs time to think about the day's events.

Some of the Band escorts Liz home while others continue to tend to the injured. Kyle in particular seems to feel responsible for the injuries of one of the trick or treaters, accompanying him to the hospital.

After they finish seeing to the injured, the Band retires after the excitement of the day's events.

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